Thursday, August 17, 2017

We Need Your Help in Clearing Our Skies!

Chris Griscom  has a mission.  She has created the Global Initiative Activation to help us clear our skies of chem trails and our air of pollution.  But she needs your help.  It is about using your minds.    This works folks.  I live not too far from the Light Institute Center in the Santa Fe, NM area and have seen a change in our skies. 

Please take a few minutes and listen to what Chris has to offer.  She is a wonderful lady!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Are You Living a Life With Purpose?

Living a life with purpose seems to be coming up for many people these days.  Myself included.  Therefore, I need to bring you up to date with my life.  I left a corporate job that I worked for almost 7 years.  I was hating the work.   Felt it was wearing me out or rather burning me out- emotionally, physically, mentally and definitely felt I wasn’t living out my purpose.

So a month ago, I took a leap and yesterday, just realized I have come full circle.  In fact, it was the angel messages of seeing the numbers, 000 consecutively, on license plates, house addresses, etc. that I finally understood.   000 in angel speak means it is a reminder that I am one with God and to feel the presence of my Creator’s love within me.  Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.   At first, I didn’t get it, but upon further reflection, I realized that in 2004, before I met my now ex-partner, I was working on my Healing Channel blog, writing articles and generally feeling pretty good about my life.  And now I am back to this scenario of working on my now (3) blogs and other writing projects.   Furthermore,  I’m starting to believe that I must be on some sort of Divine Assignment because I have a to-do list that is too long and it is all spiritually based.    Click here for a full description of numbers and angels communications.

Today, I want to start out with a nutritional item that has helped my aching back get back into shape.  My last job was so physical.  Many boxes of books were lifted and set out for customers.  I love to read, but the work situation was getting intolerable and tiring.  If you love to read, then check out, “Life Changing Foods”, by Medical Medium Anthony William, who suggests juicing 2 cucumbers a day to help alleviate back pain.  It works! I was waking up aching and after several days of consuming the cucumber juice, there was a shift and less pain in my back.  Anthony also offers the emotional support and spiritual lessons of 50 different kinds of fruits, veggies, herb and spices and wild foods in his book.  I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “cool as a cucumber”?  His take on this is if you or anyone you know is dealing with anger issues, it is time to bring cucumbers into the diet.  Cucumbers helps tone down agitated, crabby or hostile attitudes.  Furthermore, cucumbers can help us to look deep inside ourselves and each other for hidden talent and all the miracles we all contain.

Therefore, all these miracles that abound in us, are closer to the surface than we may realize.  Sometimes it is just a matter of going from our head into our heart for answers to our daily dilemmas.  If this seems to be where you are right now, consider enrolling in Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue’s (her eldest son) online course, “Finding Your Life Purpose.”

This course will help you find your spiritual confidence and get you on the path of your purpose.  However, before you even decide, I recommend watching their free video series. They will explain:

1)  How To be more confident and Just do it. 
2)  Recognize  your successes.  Give yourself credit for any successes.
3)  Having God Confidence. Setting an intention and things can change overnight.

The beauty of this course, is that it is available on your own schedule, your phone, iPad, or computer, plus there are many enticing bonuses.
Angels are always around

If you don’t already know, Doreen Virtue has established herself with being in-tune with the Angels.  Asking our angels for guidance is invaluable in helping us see beyond our blind spots and follow God’s guidance. Take a minute and check out her website on angels.  She offers an opportunity for you to ask a question in several different ways through the oracle angel cards to learn answers to your life questions.  This is a free service, that I highly recommend.  And it is fun!

So, here I am, 13 years later and I am now working from home again.  Plus, just recently,  I found a part-time remote position with a company that is just starting out.  There will be more about this in a later post.  I am creating a life of my dreams.  And finally feeling I am living a life with more purpose.  How about you? Are you feeling a little lost? Is your life feeling meaningful?  If not, perhaps, the place to start is by checking out this free video series to get you going on the right track for a happier and more fulfilling life. 

You won’t regret the time spent. 

I promise.

Sharron Calvin

Monday, July 3, 2017

Join the Green Smoothie Revolution!

I have been following Ty Bollinger and his quest to cure cancer since he aired his infamous documentary, "The Truth About Cancer." Today he is interviewing "The Juice Lady." She talks about how important and easy it is to get better quality food into your body through juicing. Below this video is a tasty smoothie combination that I believe you will find delightful.


 If you like basil, then your taste buds will thank you.
1 cup kale
1 fresh bunch basil
1 cup watermelon
1 mango (fresh or frozen is fine)
1 ripe banana
1 cup water
Blend and enjoy! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tired of Being Zapped by Energy Vampires?

Dr. Christiane Northrup
Want to know how to deal with people that zap your energy aka Energy Vampires?

Dr. Christiane Northrup has some excellent practical tips to share when you listen to her interview on the 2017 Hay House Summit. 

After listening to Dr. Northrup, I experienced an AHA moment in regards to a my full-time job.  I am transitioning to another level of employment  and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was holding me back.  Empaths tend to collect Energy Vampires in their lives just because we are so sensitive and I was no exception.  I knew I was an Empath,  I had offered Jin Shin Jyustsu (form of acupressure for over 20 years).  However, her message clearly showed me how much of one I was.  The other component of being an Empath is being a Rescue Addict and boy did I fit into that category!  I have rescued so many people over the years and here I was taking on a whole company!  What an impossible task!  Dr. Northrup offers suggestions  on how to stay in touch with what works for you, while still being able to help others.  If you get the chance to listen to one interview, I highly recommend this one.

There are only a couple of days left to listen to over 100 professional and qualified speakers for FREE.   Hay House Summit is wrapping up on May 23rd.  However, if you decide to purchase the summit, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose Online Course bonus gift is still available but goes way at 11:59pm.

If you are driving into work or still at home, perhaps cleaning, organizing some closets, or even gardening, then I encourage you to tune into the Hay House Summit now.  Register here so you don't miss out.

I know the mass amount of lessons in the Hay House World Summit can be overwhelming, but taking the time to listen to even just one could be the catalyst you need to make a meaningful and positive change in your life.  I know my epiphany has sure changed my outlook about Energy Vampires.

To Your Success,
Sharron Calvin

P.S.  On May 25: Hay Foundation Day – Hay House will be donating proceeds from this day’s sales to Louise’s Hay Foundation. You can find more info about it at


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Get Ready for Life Transforming Fun!

Hay House is at it again! The World's Largest Health and Wellness Event is just under a week away. They’re bringing you another World Summit to empower, heal and transform your life with the world’s leading experts on Saturday, May 6th!

If you’ve never experienced a Hay House World Summit, you’re in for a real treat! There are 18 days to experience 100 lessons and 15 inspirational films, with a supportive global community devoted to learning, growing and living life to the fullest!

Register now and receive these pre-event bonus lessons for a limited time!
When you register, you will instantly receive access to 4 amazing audio lessons to enjoy for FREE. These lessons are a great way to start your learning adventure, while you wait for the summit to start!

Kyle Gray – Raise Your Vibrations with the Angels
Louise Hay – Embrace Change
Esther Hicks – The Evolution of The Law of Attraction
Dr. Wayne Dyer – Celebrate the Divinity Within

The Hay House World Summit is all about helping you on your path to self-discovery and personal growth. Whether you are looking to understand your life lessons and make transformational soul shifts, heal your body’s symptoms by understanding their meaning, thrive in a chaotic world, or live a crazy sexy life, you’ll find exactly what you need to hear and the important steps to take in order for these lessons to work in your life.  Get simple tips you can start doing today to regain clarity and live a rich life full of passion, love, and joy.

With 100 lessons available, everyone can create their own personalized experience. You can start with Asking the Universe to guide you to the perfect lesson you need to listen to right now.

There is also a Lesson Breakdown by Topic
View the entire World Summit schedule by topic to make it easy to find your path to transformation. Choose one or all 5: Health, Relationships, Prosperity, Self-Empowerment, and Spirituality. Below are a few examples.

Life-Changing Lessons on Health 
Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, feel in tune with your body or live a more vibrant life, you’ll be able to enjoy health tips, cooking advice, and meditations to achieve your health goals.
Louise Hay offers her beloved wisdom about learning to love yourself, removing negative thoughts, and how you can change your life if you are willing to change your thinking.
Join Dr. Christiane Northrup as she discusses the energy vampires that could be creating chaos in your life. Learn about the power of self-love, mirror work, and daily gratitude practices to protect yourself from dark energy.

Edifying Lessons on Relationships
Whether you are seeking a mate, want to connect better with others, or just in a relationship that has become dull due to stress, you can learn how to foster a higher level of love and harmony.
Renowned medium and best-selling author, James Van Praagh talks about the illusion of separation and loneliness, the ways in which fear plays into our lives and why he isn’t afraid of death.

Barbara De Angelis makes the revelatory assertion that love is not a feeling, behavior, or relationship with another person; instead it’s an infinite energy field connecting to and flowing through all things. Barbara talks about how to tap into that energy field to solve the problems in your life.

Practical Lessons on Prosperity 
You’ll learn how to finally get out of your own way to achieve financial success, and empower yourself to bring more abundance into your life. Come to understand the law of attraction and leverage it to get the financial security you have been seeking.
Learn from 25 years of experience as Julie Ann Cairns reveals how she turned her relationship with money on its head and finally found abundance. Julie Ann educates listeners about the five conditions needed to attract and maintain abundance.
Kate Northrup explains how feminine energy revitalizes the workplace and how it differs from male energy. She shares many personal stories, from her journey to financial freedom.

Motivational Lessons on Self-Empowerment 
Vibrationally, each of us continually affects the planet with whatever state we are in, impacting the fabric of reality. We can shift from managing our life to mastering it.
Anita Moorjani believes that we can release our fear of death and open our eyes to the reality of a heaven on earth.
Nick Ortner is one of the foremost teachers of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or “Tapping” for short). You can follow along as Nick guides two tapping sequences with immediate results.

Enlightening Lessons on Spirituality
Gain invaluable insight to connecting with your inner self and strengthen your Divine connection through various techniques, such as meditation, asking your angels and seeking inner guidance.

Alan Cohen explains why we need to live from our own connection to Spirit, rather than under external influences; how we can combat the “inner terrorist” in all of us; and how to tap into an inner clarity, love, and power so great that nothing outside us can take it away.
Doreen Virtue offers life advice directly from the angels, including how to approach our seemingly fruitless, yet constant, pursuit of happiness. Doreen recommends monitoring how you feel and react in each situation and relationship.
Gregg Braden explains what fossil records tells us about where we really come from, why Darwinian ideas of conflict and competition no longer apply, and how we can learn to tap the extraordinary capabilities we’re wired for.

I hope you decide to join us on this journey of self-discovery and mastering the power to change your life, starting today.  This event officially starts on May 6th but by registering early, there is a $50 off Hay House World Summit Package discount.

To Living the Life You Truly Desire
Click here to register for 5th Annual Hay House Summit

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Are You Wide Awake?

Here is another video from Mike Adams.  I Just couldn't resist.   It is about love and thriving in life!

Revolution of the Heart

Happy Easter!  Hope this video by Mike Adams (Natural Health Ranger) inspires you to have great day!