Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

This is my 2017 New Year's Wish for You:

That you all reach the land beyond your dreams, where there is peace and joy eternal.

May you realize the fulfillment of whatever strong wish you release in the ether.
                                        ------Paramahansa Yogananda

Monday, December 5, 2016

The One Percent Difference- A Thinking Game

Do people think less or more these days?  Especially around the holidays.  Some people seem to get happier, some lose it. Could it be they aren’t thinking? 

I happened to come across this book or rather it found me while working at one of the big box stores in Santa Fe.  The covers of the book are dog eared and many sentences are underlined, so I knew it wasn’t supposed to be selling in the book aisle.  The book is called “The ABC’s of Success” by Bob Proctor.  If you have followed him at all, he was in the movie, “The Secret.”  This book is a compilation of his radio show topics starting with Achievement and ending with Worry.  I hope you get a chuckle from this as much as I did.

                                  “The One Percent Difference.” 

Many years ago I was attending a seminar that a good friend of mine, Leland Val Van de Wall, was conducting.  He said something that broke me up; in fact, the entire audience roared with laughter.  He said, “If most people said what they were thinking, they would be speechless.” 

A very wise man.  He was correct as well.


A number of years ago, I had the pleasure of sharing the platform at a convention with the late Dr. Kenneth MacFarland, a great educator from Kentucky.  He said something similar.

Dr. MacFarland said, “Two percent of the people think, three percent think they think, and ninety-five percent would rather die than think.”
I recently read where George Bernard Shaw said, “Most people  think two or three times a year.  I’ve gained an international reputation for myself thinking just two or three times a week.”

You’re probably saying to yourself by now, “Come on Bob, everyone thinks.” Is that right?  Well, let me suggest that you listen closely to most of the conversations going on around you over the next few hours.  It will be obvious that most of those talking are not thinking, or they would never say what they are saying.

Watch the behavior of some of your peers.  You will realize they are not thinking, or they would never do what they are doing.

You could fall into the 3 percent group, which Dr. MacFarland referred to as those who think they think.

With a little effort, you could catapult yourself into the 2 percent group that DOES think.  They are the achievers; the winners in life.

Thinking must be learned, and it is a subject not taught in most schools.  Think about it.  

Hope your holidays are going well and I would love to read your opinion on this topic.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Moments of Grace

Celebrate your life through Sounds True  


Listen to over 30 perspectives on Spiritual Awakening.

(What does it really mean?) 


Experience personal transformation and inspiration. 

 Havasupi Falls in the Grand Canyon

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

Listen Up! This is important if you want to stay healthy in our fast paced lifestyle.


To learn more visit, Jeremy Johnson's website, EMF

Thursday, March 24, 2016

7 Surprising Reasons Every House Should Have A Salt Lamp

Written by Steven Aitchison

You visit your friend’s house and she has a beautiful orangey glowing light in the corner of t he den. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The light is soft and it illuminates the corner almost in a romantic way. But wait, it’s not an ordinary lamp. This one has magical healing properties. How can that be? Your friend is surprised everyone doesn’t have one of these in their house.

Salt lamps are made of 100% Himalayan salt (or at least your lamp should be) which is said to be a negative ion generator. The health claims range from cleaning the air to curing asthma. Salt lamps are hygroscopic which means they attract and trap all the water molecules in the air that carry toxins.

We always seem to be on the lookout for the least invasive and most natural method to heal any issue that seems to have cropped up. From healing herbs to natural sprays, we will purchase whatever claims to restore us back to 100%. So what are the magical healing properties of a salt lamp?

1. Purify the air.

These beautiful room enhancers are great at cleaning the dirt out of the air. If you’ve burned your dinner or have a smoker in the house, the salt lamp is great for purifying the air. Houses that have unusually high dust activity will benefit from a salt lamp.

2. Reduces electromagnetic radiation.

Cell phones, microwaves, iPad, laptops, TV’s, you name it, we all have one of something. Our houses are full of dirty electricity. A salt lamp may not neutralize all the positive ion activity that is floating around in the air from these gadgets but it will surely help to reduce the dirt.

3. Improves breathing.

For asthma sufferers or any one else suffering from a breathing condition, having a salt lamp in your room at night for sleeping is extremely beneficial. As the lamp cleans and purifies the air, breathing becomes easier and sleeping is more restful. For most sufferers, dirty air plays a big part in breathing difficulty. A salt lamp is the perfect little night light for that.

4. Reduces snoring.

Yes, you read that right. The salt lamp has been said to reduce snoring. Now snoring stems from many different health issues but having and keeping a small salt lamp in the corner of your room at night will make a big difference in that the air isn’t filled with dust and other pollutants which in part do cause some snoring.

5. Increase energy levels.

When we have a lamp glowing continually throughout the day, and as our air gets cleaned, the effect of the negative ions in the air is beneficial to keeping us alert, energized and less stressed. The less stressed we are; the more energy we have.

6. Mood enhancer.

Not only is the beautiful orange glow sure to put you in a much calmer and peaceful state but the release of negative ions and the reduction in dirty electricity leaves us less stressed, happier and not as agitated. They are also really good for lifting the spirits of those who suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

7. Get a good night sleep.

Because of the reduction of positive ions in the air, of course. Less stress, better air quality, less agitation, calmer moods and all that adds up to a better night’s sleep.
Though it is said that it’s difficult to prove any of these claims, all you have to do is ask anyone who has had a salt lamp in their house for any length of time and they will tell you of the benefits they have experienced since getting one. Some even have more health claims than the ones listed here. As always, do your research, check them out. If any of the claims are false, at the very least you will have a beautiful and unique lamp in your room.

About Author of This Article

Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison is a Facebook Coach | Co-Creator of GuidedMind | Creator of The Magic | Creator of One of the largest personal development Facebook Pages with over 1.6 million followers and Author of 100 Ways to develop Your Mind

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Am A Real Woman & So Is Every Other Woman

Kathryn Budig is the face of national advertising campaigns, has been on the cover of magazines, and leads yoga retreats around the world. You might think she gets a pass on being body shamed, or that she always feels confident about her body.

But, as she shared at this year's revitalize, Kathryn knows all too well what it feels like to be body shamed on social media. Her empowering, boldly honest talk brought down the house, and her story may help change the conversation in a world that loves judging women's bodies.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Simple Remedy for a Stuffy Nose

Are you waking up with a stuffy nose every morning?

Acute stuffiness may be part of a cold or flu, and therefore rest, liquid diets (home broths are especially nutritive) and extra vitamin C ( up to 10 grams daily) can help.  Chronic sinus congestion is more likely to be caused by fungi than bacteria, especially if secretions are clear or white, not green or yellowish.  If you suffer from a chronic stuffy nose, you are likely a mouth breather at night, which quickly turns your pillow into a fungus factory.  Wash your pillow cases in very hot water weekly, and change your pillow every 3 to 6 months.

Application of anti-fungal herbs to the nasal passage is an effective approach to reducing sinus congestion.  Try pleasant-smelling blends that include wintergreen, eucalyptus, thyme, or other volatile oils.  A light layer can be applied with a cotton swap (diluted with olive or coconut oil) to the nasal passages at bedtime.  You can also combine loose, dried herbs with a cup of hot water in a bowl, put a towel over your head and breather the steam in deeply for 10 minutes.

Some people have good luck with a combination of garlic and cinnamon taken internally.  Others find they need to move to a vegetarian diet (fish and eggs are usually okay in moderation) to reduce inflammation and congestion. 

Waking up without a stuffy nose means ideas can come through easier and sets your whole day off on the right tone.

Adapted from Better Nutrution- Emily A. Kane ND, LAc