Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Conscious Filmmakers are Changing the Industry

Movies are powerful visualizations!

I love watching movies.  

I don’t know about you, but I am so over the kill em’ up, shoot em’ up movies.

Thankfully, consciousness concepts are starting to become more mainstream, in part, thanks to celebrities like Oprah or Deepak Chopra, and in part thanks to a refocusing of pop culture.  “The rise of green smoothies,” says Diane Wolpert, executive director of the Illuminate Film Festival, “LuLu Lemon yoga pants and television shows like CNN’s ‘Believer’ are paving the way for conscious movies and building a much larger audience.  This is the LOHAS market segment; it is huge and it is growing.”

LOHAS- Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, includes the demographic that embraces sustainable living and ecological initiatives, is well-educated and produces a demand for “virtuous” products.  This demographic is also drawn to New Thought goods and services.  In 2006, the LOHAS market was estimated at $300 billion, or roughly 30% of the U.S. consumer market. 

“The point here is that the market has grown exponentially,” Wolpert adds, “so producers are waking up to the demand and creating content for the LOHAS market.”

The conscious film movement is exploding in the independent film market as well —- with titles like “Captain Fantastic”, “Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru”, “Kahlil Gibran’s  ‘The Prophet’ ”, and “The Discovery.”  However, Hollywood has also offered several big-budget releases just in the last few years, movies like “Dr. Strange”, “The Arrival”, “The Shack” and “Collateral Beauty.”   Now, I haven’t watched any of these movies yet, but surprisingly, I found them available in my local library.  So, I am looking forward to getting involved on a more visceral level when I sit down on my couch for an evenings entertainment. 

One of the movies that I have watched recently, “Discover the Gift”, I found on hoopla, which is an extension of my library.  Michael Beckwith from Agape church in California and Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul and many others share their insight on how to find our gifts that are trying to emerge.

Have you ever asked yourself, what brings you the greatest joy in your life?

Do you know what you have come for this time?  We all have gifts, but we are caught up in the material aspect of this time period and have forgotten how to really enjoy our lives.

Here is something to consider when you first wake up in the morning.   Place your left hand over your heart and ask yourself, “What are the gifts that are trying to emerge today?”  or “How can I serve?” or “What power is trying to come thru me?”

I challenge you to step up to the plate and consider what these kind of movies have to offer?  Here are another couple of inspirational movies to check out, “Indigo” and “Kindness is Contagious.”  This last movie asks you to consider, "What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?"

Wolpert is personally encouraged and inspired by the compassion she’s seen emerge in these uncertain times. “If we seek to live our best lives, find our inner Light and become our highest selves, let us choose stories that illuminate our path toward wholeness.”

She adds, “The tide is shifting, from the grassroots level up to the studios.  If the creators keep creating, and the watchers keep watching, we’ll ultimately find ourselves in a kinder, wiser and more peaceful world.

To say that our world is rapidly changing is an understatement.  Changing our hearts and minds in a more positive and productive way is the direction of the future as we enter into the Intuition Age.

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