Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Story Of Our Stuff


Today I want to touch on the subject of STUFF.  Do you know what happens to all the stuff we buy? Once we no longer want it or it has fallen apart?  Since we have become such a nation of consumers, the process is more complex than you may realize.  

Annie Leonard, Founder of The Story of Stuff Project has put together several videos to educate us about our stuff.  **Where it starts, what happens to it, how we are feeling about it and what we can do about this vicious cycle we call consumerism.**  I hope you take the time to watch this informational and entertaining video.


Another way to look at our stuff is to consider shopping at Thrift Stores instead of the Big Box stores.  You would be amazed at what shows up in these "thrift" stores.  To me, shopping in a thrift store is like a Treasure Hunt.  Furthermore, all the bargains and being able to find new items every time you go into these stores is a plus in my book. 

We are all so easily enticed by new and improved.  But an older item hasn't necessarily outlived its purpose. In a big box store, even though it may be inexpensive, there is a good chance it will fall apart fairly quickly.  While, if an item has made it to a thrift store still intact, there is a good chance you will be able to use it for awhile longer. 

Or how about recycling your fruit and vegetable wastes?
Recycling your yard and food wastes helps sustain your garden and trees which is better than any commercialized fertilizer.   A backyard composting project is the answer to less garbage in the landfill and more nutrients in your soil. This composting process takes as little as one month, can replace fertilizer and its free.  Plus, composting helps neutralize toxins such as insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Composting also conserves water, reduces weeds and is a great way to recycle organic materials as well as becoming a rich soil conditioner when organic materials break down. 
Annie Leonard also does a video on The Story of Cosmetics.  Personally, I try to stay away from too much makeup on my face, considering that over the years, I have become so sensitive to all the chemicals in these products.  However, I found a very simple ingredient,( Baking Soda) that cleanses my face, doesn't give me an allergic reaction and makes my face feel really soft.

And finally, I ask you to consider listening with your heart to understand the beauty of all living beings and your purpose of life on this earth so that it is around for years and years to come.

I hope I have inspired you and given you some ideas on making your life better as well as your neighbors.

To a healthier and more sustainable life,
Sharron Calvin

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