Friday, September 22, 2017

Trust the Messages You Receive - Day 3 of Hay House Psychic Summit!

Colette Baron-Reid
Are you ready for day 3 of the Hay House World Psychic Summit? Hay House has another amazing day planned for you.
Today they are featuring four incredible speakers; Colette Baron-Reid, David Wells, Marisa Moris and Tracy Farquhar.

Colette Baron-Reid brings over 30 years of experience as a world-renowned intuitive counselor, psychic medium, TV personality, author, and radio host to teach you all about oracle cards.

David Wells
David Wells shares how he first became aware of his abilities when a near-death experience triggered by viral pneumonia allowed the veil to lift. After this, he spent the next 11 years of his life studying the mystic Western tradition called the Qabalah.


Marisa Moris
Marisa Moris explains who our spirit guides are and how to raise our awareness to see them more clearly. She also shares helpful tips to get out of your mind and call in your guide.


Tracy Farquhar
Tracy Farquhar channels the entity known as Frank, a collection of 8 beings who currently live in a distant galaxy. You’ll gain insight and answers by drawing on the experiences and wisdom of Frank’s much older civilization, which has overcome the trials and tribulations we’re now undergoing on Earth.

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Reminder -  these 4 lessons are only available until 11:59PM ET Friday, September 22nd.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Sharron Calvin

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