Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tools for Awakening Your Power- Day 2 of Hay House Psychic Summit

Kyle Gray
I hope you got the chance to listen to yesterdays messages from John Holland, Lisa Williams or Dougall Fraser.  
I love the fact that John Holland says we are all psychic! We just have to start small and build up our psychic muscle.

Moving forward, you won't want to miss day #2 of the Hay House World Psychic Summit. 

Today’s speakers are all from across the pond - Kyle Gray, Lisa Lister and Heidi Sawyer.

Kyle Gray joins Colette Baron-Reid in an enlightening conversation about connecting with the angelic realm. Kyle shares some of his favorite daily routines for receiving guidance from the angels and staying grounded, and explains why oracle cards help to strengthen our intuition.

Lisa Lister
Lisa Lister is a third generation witch and healer, she talks about how women all over the world are remembering and awakening to their innate, ancient, feminine power and reclaiming the word witch as a positive, empowering identity.

Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer reveals the power of intuition to guide and improve our lives. She reveals the traits of a highly intuitive person, as well as presents ways any one of us can increase our intuitive abilities.

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These lessons will only be available until 11:59PM ET Thursday, September 21st.

Sharron Calvin

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