Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Building Bridges to the Spirit World- Hay House 1st Ever Psychic Summit

I am a little late getting this out.  But, better late than not at all.  Because you will want to check this out as it is all for FREE!

Today is the kick off for the World Psychic Summit with amazing psychic development lessons from 3 internationally acclaimed speakers - John Holland, Lisa Williams and Dougall Fraser. 

John Holland
John Holland shows us how to perceive and receive intuitive guidance in his talk: Perceiving vs. Receiving - Navigating MediumshipSign up here.

John explains the differences between clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, advising us to learn which one is our strength, and to develop it. John gives small questions that we can ask ourselves to practice enhancing our psychic abilities, which, like a muscle, we have to use in order to strengthen.

As John says, This is our purpose - to use our gifts, talents, and abilities to be the best being from the divine and help other people.

Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams offers insights on ways to tune in to your sixth sense and develop your psychic abilities in her lesson, How to Connect to the World BeyondSign up now.

She also provides a powerful guided visualization that will enable you to connect with Spirit and ask for signs, as well as many practical tips on strengthening your sensitivity and practicing psychic self-defense.

When you’re present, you’re opening space up for spirit to come in. —Lisa Williams 

Dougall Fraser
Dougall Fraser explains what color energy is and the attributes of the colors you see in his powerful lesson - Using Color Energy to Receive Messages from The Universe.  Sign up now!

You’ll also learn about the shadow side of each color. Dougall will walk you through a guided color activation meditation to see what color your aura is, and allow you to experience color energy firsthand. You’ll explore how colors can help balance your life and ground your energy, as well as step into your power.

When we relax the physical eye, then the third eye starts to develop, and color will reveal itself. —Dougall Fraser 

These 3 lessons will only be available for 24 hours, until midnight ET tonight, Wednesday, September 20th. At midnight ET tonight, we will replace them with 3 new lessons.

 Sharron Calvin

P.S. - If you don’t have time to listen to all 22 lessons from the World Psychic Summit, you can own them all for only $99. We will also include 5 of our best-selling psychic development courses as bonus gifts—valued over $350!    Order Now

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