Monday, September 18, 2017

A Gift For Your Teeth

Hello There!

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Or worse, dental BILLS?  

At $288 per visit (the average cost across the USA), more and more people are choosing NOT to visit the dentist, to save money.

Yet our teeth need regular care.

So what’s the alternative?

Is brushing enough?  

Recently, a dear colleague of mine, Marjory Wildcraft, introduced me to a 100% natural system of dental care:

Secrets for literally HEALING your teeth that she learned from a Holistic Healer that impressed her so much that she worked with this gentleman to make a DVD explaining his entire dental care system.

These secrets are completely NATURAL.

They include no harmful toxins like fluoride.

And I love that they empower you to consider reducing your visits to the dentist, not only saving money, but reducing your exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria that are too frequently found in medical centers.

You learn how to HEAL cavities.

Get your teeth squeaky clean, just like a dental hygienist.

And even re-grow tooth enamel, the protective armor of your teeth!

As someone who is interested in supporting your right to choose natural health care, I thought you might like to see this, too.

Plus, I wanted you to know that until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20th, Marjory is giving away…

FREE Natural Dental Care Starter Kits!

…. Including the #1 herb that’s recommended for strengthening teeth and rebuilding tooth enamel.

It’s an additional $104.75 value, shipped to you as a gift with your “Alternatives To Dentists” DVDs.

So don’t wait and miss out.

Click Here Now To Learn How Your Teeth Can Health Themselves
I know Doug really grabbed MY attention when he explained how our teeth are alive…
… And how teeth can be healed:

Much like a cut on your arm!

I suspect you’ll find his practical knowledge of natural dental care, as well as his unusual perspective, from years spent living primitively in the Gila Wilderness, learning from the indigenous peoples, to be fascinating, too.

Sharron Calvin

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