Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Sacred Plant

Many of you have been curious as to what my next mission is since I left the corporate world.  Well, here it is. 

 Below is a video about a plant that seems to be a panacea for many illnesses.  This is a very controversial topic and I hope you remain open-minded on the strengths and amazing healing qualities this brings to many people who have lost hope amid our current pharmaceutical industry.

There are interviews from Doctors, Experts and Survivors.  Learn from some of the smartest people alive about The Sacred Plant and how to use it to prevent, treat (and even beat) 23+ diseases.  People such as Mike Adams (The Health Ranger), Ty Bollinger (Author and Documentary Film Producer), Dustin Sulak(Osteopathic Physician, Medical Director of Intergr8), Dr. Allan Frankal ( Internal Medicine Dr. Greenbridge Medical) and many more. 
 If after watching this, you feel compelled to join the movement and support their mission, please visit, The Sacred Plant. 

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