Sunday, July 30, 2017

Are You Living a Life With Purpose?

Living a life with purpose seems to be coming up for many people these days.  Myself included.  Therefore, I need to bring you up to date with my life.  I left a corporate job that I worked for almost 7 years.  I was hating the work.   Felt it was wearing me out or rather burning me out- emotionally, physically, mentally and definitely felt I wasn’t living out my purpose.

So a month ago, I took a leap and yesterday, just realized I have come full circle.  In fact, it was the angel messages of seeing the numbers, 000 consecutively, on license plates, house addresses, etc. that I finally understood.   000 in angel speak means it is a reminder that I am one with God and to feel the presence of my Creator’s love within me.  Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.   At first, I didn’t get it, but upon further reflection, I realized that in 2004, before I met my now ex-partner, I was working on my Healing Channel blog, writing articles and generally feeling pretty good about my life.  And now I am back to this scenario of working on my now (3) blogs and other writing projects.   Furthermore,  I’m starting to believe that I must be on some sort of Divine Assignment because I have a to-do list that is too long and it is all spiritually based.    Click here for a full description of numbers and angels communications.

Today, I want to start out with a nutritional item that has helped my aching back get back into shape.  My last job was so physical.  Many boxes of books were lifted and set out for customers.  I love to read, but the work situation was getting intolerable and tiring.  If you love to read, then check out, “Life Changing Foods”, by Medical Medium Anthony William, who suggests juicing 2 cucumbers a day to help alleviate back pain.  It works! I was waking up aching and after several days of consuming the cucumber juice, there was a shift and less pain in my back.  Anthony also offers the emotional support and spiritual lessons of 50 different kinds of fruits, veggies, herb and spices and wild foods in his book.  I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “cool as a cucumber”?  His take on this is if you or anyone you know is dealing with anger issues, it is time to bring cucumbers into the diet.  Cucumbers helps tone down agitated, crabby or hostile attitudes.  Furthermore, cucumbers can help us to look deep inside ourselves and each other for hidden talent and all the miracles we all contain.

Therefore, all these miracles that abound in us, are closer to the surface than we may realize.  Sometimes it is just a matter of going from our head into our heart for answers to our daily dilemmas.  If this seems to be where you are right now, consider enrolling in Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue’s (her eldest son) online course, “Finding Your Life Purpose.”

This course will help you find your spiritual confidence and get you on the path of your purpose.  However, before you even decide, I recommend watching their free video series. They will explain:

1)  How To be more confident and Just do it. 
2)  Recognize  your successes.  Give yourself credit for any successes.
3)  Having God Confidence. Setting an intention and things can change overnight.

The beauty of this course, is that it is available on your own schedule, your phone, iPad, or computer, plus there are many enticing bonuses.
Angels are always around

If you don’t already know, Doreen Virtue has established herself with being in-tune with the Angels.  Asking our angels for guidance is invaluable in helping us see beyond our blind spots and follow God’s guidance. Take a minute and check out her website on angels.  She offers an opportunity for you to ask a question in several different ways through the oracle angel cards to learn answers to your life questions.  This is a free service, that I highly recommend.  And it is fun!

So, here I am, 13 years later and I am now working from home again.  Plus, just recently,  I found a part-time remote position with a company that is just starting out.  There will be more about this in a later post.  I am creating a life of my dreams.  And finally feeling I am living a life with more purpose.  How about you? Are you feeling a little lost? Is your life feeling meaningful?  If not, perhaps, the place to start is by checking out this free video series to get you going on the right track for a happier and more fulfilling life. 

You won’t regret the time spent. 

I promise.

Sharron Calvin

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