Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ikaria, Greece: Not Just a Place, an Experience

Experience the First Blue Zones Adventure Travel Excursion in Ikaria, Greece from Oct. 4 - 10 or October 18- 24, 2015
 Mihalis Gerakis, 85, of Ikaria, Greece. Photo by Michael Turek courtesy of Blue Zones.

Whatever your expectations may be of a Greek island, Ikaria will surpass them and take you places you never imagined existed. Ikaria is the island where people forget to die. In America, where only 1 in 5,000 people live to be 100, in Ikaria, you’ll find the odds tipped in the favor of vibrant, old age. Experience more than a slice of island life, but a totally different way of living. Ikarians are more in tune with their surroundings and nature, they embody all elements of the Power 9®, which becomes more evident the deeper you move into the mountainous region. Time moves at a different pace with a friendly ethos free of stress.

Ikarians manually tend their gardens and eat what they grow, including vegetables, herbs for their teas, and grapes for their wine.

The natural beauty and ruggedness of the island influences the local philosophy of life.  From forests and rivers, to canyons, rugged mountains and beautiful seas, Ikaria invites you to be immersed in its culture!

Throughout the week, while putting into action the Power 9® principals of the Blue Zones, you will explore Ikaria’s varied landscape: richly forested mountains, dramatic coastlines, ancient ruins, fishing villages, aquamarine waters, hidden beaches, olive groves and thermal pools.

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Furthermore, In the Blue Zone of Ikaria, Greece, dementia is virtually nonexistent. Ikarians work their fields into old age, moving naturally, to stay in shape, physically and mentally.

Photo by Gianluca Colla courtesy of Blue Zones.

Experience the Blue Zones first-hand on our small group adventure to the enchanted island in the Aegean Sea. Just 25 miles off the Turkish coast, Ikaria is removed from the tourism of the other Greek islands. Its isolation has protected time-honored traditions involving food and festivals of song and dance, offering intrepid travelers a unique opportunity to step back in time. The people are truly remarkable, living simply off of backyard gardens, goat herding, wine making and bee keeping.

  Ikarian elders stay naturally active into their 90s.  Here a woman fishes for dinner.

 Photo by Gianluca Colla courtesy of Blue Zones

Visit Blue Zones Adventure Travel for details, itinerary, and pricing. 

October represents the tail end of summer. While you may get by with lightweight clothing, bring pants and sweaters for cooler evenings and don’t expect to swim in the sea. You will need your swimsuit for our thermal pool adventure. Hiking boots and comfortable shoes are a must.

The community of Nas is closely knit and most everyone is related. You will be warmly welcomed into the neighborhood. On the first day you will be greeted with a warm smile and hello; by the second day, you will likely be on a first-name basis.

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  1. Wow. It certainly makes sense that the lifestyle described would lead to a healthy and enjoyable old age. Thank you for posting this. Inspiring!