Friday, September 20, 2013

Tips for Healthy Gums and Teeth for the Holidays and Beyond

Safe and Easy Methods You Can Do At Home

I had a scare awhile back now. Within a period of 24 hours my top right of my mouth became very sore, then an abscess appeared on my top gums. It was so painful, I could hardly eat!

Gum disease has been known to be called the Silent Killer. And with good reason. You don't always know what's going on till you have a disaster. Like I did.

Since my late 30's, I've been told I was having gum issues. I did the typical scaling and root planing. Which only helped for awhile. However, my gums continued to get worse, sometimes better, depending on my stress level. Another dentist told me I would need surgery. I had no intention of following that advice! At one point, I'd purchased an irrigator tool that worked wonders but my partner and I were traveling a lot, so I opted to try and do it manually. Turns out it wasn't a good idea.

Anyway, back to my abscess. Ironically, before the pain took over, just the day before, my little voice was telling me I need to get another irrigator. I jumped onto the internet and looked into alternative health for dental information and came across David Snape. He had what I was looking for. I called and bought a Hydro Floss Irrigator the next day. It was delivered within 2 days!

Within a week of using this irrigator the abscess had cleared out and now my gums are back to normal. Well, hopefully healthier because they aren't bleeding anymore. To speed up the process of this horrible problem, I squirted Colloidal Silver into the pocket. Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic and won't give you symptoms of needing a pro-biotic afterwards. At first, the hole was so tender and stung, but after about a week, it all cleared. I can even use the irrigator now at a higher speed to continue to clean out my gum pockets.

The other part of this healing crisis is the mind/body connection. Every day or as many times as I could remember, I repeated what Louise Hay said about abscesses. "I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am at peace." This became my mantra for about 5 days. Furthermore, I also firmly believe that because I have been drinking green smoothies for over 6 years, my immune system is strong and I was able to combat this infection within a short time. I feel so blessed.

Now that I am feeling much better, I want to share with you my approach to natural dental care. Some of the tips listed below were already implemented before my problem, which may have helped me heal that much quicker.

--->>>  Supplements - I put a teaspoon of Ascorbate C Powder in hot water. I drink it first thing in the morning instead of tea. Vitamin C tightens the gum tissues almost immediately. CoQ10 is another excellent supplement that improves your immune response in gum tissues and may reverse the diseased gum conditions as well as strengthen your heart. Furthermore, I have also learned about the benefits of Equisetum Hyemale (horsetail).  Horsetail has silicia which strengthens our gums and our teeth! Plus, it is abundant plant that loves water that you might be able to harvest in your area.  Click here to learn more about this dentist alternative. 


--->>>  Affirmations- Louise Hay has a book out titled, "You Can Heal Your Life" This stuff works! You have to be and stay in the right mind set.  Or you could try one of Dr. Joe Dispenza's many meditations on healing from his book, "You Are the Placebo- Making Your Mind Matter."  Both these people offer a wonderful, fresh insight to healing our mind, body and soul. 

--->>> Green Smoothies - I love them and I know this is why this latest healing crisis remedied itself so quickly because my immune system is strong. Here is short list of foods to consider incorporating into your daily diet that helps keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Green tea, strawberries and kiwi, onions, shitake mushrooms, apples and celery. (All organic, please.)  

--->>>  Colloidal Silver- A natural antibiotic that is safe, non-toxic and without side effects. Below is an easy and quick method to make a colloidal silver toothpaste.

--->>> Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator - This is a must! Especially if you are having some of the problems I have been experiencing. The only way to safely and effectively clean out pus or stuck food is to irrigate your gums.

--->>> Remove all silver fillings from your teeth. I visited American Bio-Dental Center in Mexico about 5 years ago. They were professional, caring and way less expensive than dentists in the United States. I know you really can't do this at home, but it definitely a procedure worth checking out!

One more thing I need to mention is that you may still need to visit a dentist. If only to see how things are improving.

Stay tuned as I have a lot more to share with you on how to become more dentally self-sufficient!

And let me know how any of this works for you..... 

*****Customer Review: I LOVE My Hydro Floss*****


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