Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Filling the Well

This is an excerpt From The Woman’s Book of SOUL - Meditations for Courage, Confidence and Spirit by Sue Patton Thoele that I found life affirming and helpful in my sometimes too chaotic world.

A dry well irrigates nothing.  If we are to be gloriously and outrageously alive, we need to fill our inner well regularly.

I love the metaphor, “God is an underground river, ever present and constantly flowing within and around us.”  But, even if we believe in an eternal river, do we take the time to fill our wells from it, or do we allow them to run dry?

Although the source is the same, the ways in which we fill our wells are unique and individual.  What fills your well of spirit?  What fills your well of emotion and physical well-being?

Close your eyes for a moment and allow a picture of a well to come into your mind’s eye.  Without judgement, explore your well.  Is it full?  How do you feel about it?  What, if anything, does it need from you? Cleaning? Rebuilding? Take a few minutes to recreate it in a way that appeals to you.  Perhaps you want your well to be the focal point of a beautiful garden or to stand in the midst of a clearing of majestic redwoods.  Trust the images that your wise subconscious presents.

When your well pleases you, allow it to open to receive the pure waters of the eternal underground river of God.  At the same time, begin to fill it from the top with those things that you know will fill your reservoirs to overflowing, such as giving yourself permission to have a free day with no obligations or demands, either internal or external.  Do this until your well is brimming with pristine water.

After you’ve filled your well, take a little time to list those things that you can do to tap into the river of God and to fill your well yourself.  Make a life-enhancing promise to yourself to do the things that will fill your well.  Although a dry well irrigates nothing, a full well irrigates effortlessly.

I deserve to be filled to the brim.

I allow God’s energy to flow through me

This is how I see my Wishing Well- full of lovely flowers

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