Thursday, June 14, 2012

Victoria's New ebook on Green Smoothies

 Victoria has decided to write a short book to address some of the most confusing aspects of green smoothie making, such as rotation of greens, food combining, what constitutes as “true greens” and other perplexing questions.  I found the information very helpful. 

 For additional clarity, she has illustrated this book with many colorful photos.

 Content of “Green Smoothies” E-book: 
 Why Greens?
 What Falls Under the Category of Greens?
 Confusion in the Field of Greens
Why Do We Need to Rotate the Greens in Our Diet?
 Are Weeds the Most Valuable Plants in Our Gardens?

Plus she adds in their Favorite Recipes (with helpful tips, photos and cost of ingredients)
How to Serve a Green Smoothie 28 pages,
PDF format, instant download. $1.99
To order please click Here

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  1. Good information here. Thanks for sharing. I have used a couple of soy protein powders and quite liked them.

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