Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Makes You Laugh?

April 1st is here!  I have been subscribing to the Humor Project for several years and always enjoy what they offer.  Laughter seems to eludes us most days but here is something quick and painless to bring more fun into your life.  

Knowing what tickles your funny bone is the first step to intentionally add more humor to your life. For the next 2 weeks, pay (and play) particular attention to what makes you laugh. Jot notes in your journal as you realize what TV shows, comedians, cartoons or authors spark smiles and laughter for you.

After identifying what invites your laughter, for the next 2 weeks, intentionally make time for these stimuli in your life. Make some notes to yourself in your "joy journal" on how you did in adding more humor to your life this month.

   Stay tuned for next month's tip.......

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