Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life Quality Enhanced with Barley Grass

Want to be and feel strong?

Ridding yourself of aches and pains stabilizes your energy levels and produces more stamina.

Barley Grass may just be the key to a more vital life. 

I’ve grown 2 batches of Barley Grass within 2 months of each other.  The first time, I was surprised at how nimble and strong I became because of the opportunity to work on restoring a trail on the Cumbres Pass in Southern Colorado.  Myself and 50 others shoveled and cleared foliage on three miles of the Continental Divide for 2 days. It was intensive labor, yet the VOC(Volunteer of Colorado) rewarded us with beer, food and music. Great group of people!  I have done this kind of physical labor in my 20’s with the Colorado Mountain Club and I came home sore and beat.  This time, 30 years later, I was barely sore or tired.  The only ache I had was a stiff right thumb!  I was amazed and realized the only thing I had done differently was implement Barley Grass in my green smoothies.

The second batch has proved helpful as well because I managed to get stung by a wasp while riding my bike.  Ouch! The left side of my knee swelled up almost immediately, but didn’t really ache. Riding the bike may have actually helped because it didn’t keep the poison in one spot.  Fortunately, a day later, a girlfriend invited me to go with her to the local hotsprings.  Soaking and resting was the perfect prescription, as well as the Barley Grass in my daily green smoothies and performing the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  In less than a week, the swelling lessoned, the itching subsided and I’m not feeling queasy.   

So, what kind of nutrition does Barley Grass offer?

Celebrity Nutritionist, Dr. Gillian McKeith's Living Food for Health"12 Natural Super-foods to Transform Your Health", states in her book that barley grass offers more protein than a sirloin steak, five times the amount of iron as broccoli, seven times more vitamin C than orange juice and 11 times more calcium than milk.

Therefore, the best way get barley grass into your system and you on the road to health is to first soak a cup of barley seeds for about 12 hours in warm water.  Drain the seeds and spread into a 10 x 20 plastic tray, cover with potting soil; cover with 6 pieces of wet newspaper; wrap entire tray in a plastic bag and sit for 3 days so the seeds can germinate. 

After 3 days, take off the plastic bag and the barley grass will grow and grow and grow especially in a sunny window.  Grow to about 7 inches tall, then cut and blend into green smoothies.  Join the Green Smoothie Revolution for more ideas.  Bon appetite.   


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