Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Survive and Thrive: The Postive Power of Humor

I have been enjoying receiving information about the Humor Project for years.  And they have been around 54 years offering funny quips.

Here are two humor how-to tips of the month. Drawing from July 13 and August 28 in Laffirmations:
 * With all of the recent natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.), learn to tickle Mother Nature after She has tackled you. For instance, after a tornado took their house, one family put up a sign saying, "Gone with the Wind!"

* At your office, place a plaque in one of the bathroom stalls that reads, "Smile, You're On Candid Camera." You'll always be able to tell when a visitor goes to the bathroom.

Their annual conference is on my bucket list.  How about you? Need some humor in your life?  Please watch the video below.

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