Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Divine Light of Jyorei

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to tour the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, CO.  The Crestone center sits on a thirty-five acre site, high in the Sangre de Christo Mountains of the San Luis Valley and is a newly established non-profit corporation created to promote spiritual growth through interfaith activities, the practice of Natural Agriculture, and the sponsorship of cultural events.

As part of the tour, our group was taken to their Sanctuary and asked if we wanted to receive Jyorei. (pronounced joyray.) Jyorei means “purification of the spirit” and is a healing art that uses divine light to dissolve the spiritual impurities that are the source of all physical, emotional, and personal problems. Sometimes also described as a “healing prayer.” Developed by Shumei’s founder, Mokichi Okada, in the 1930s, Jyorei’s technique as practiced by Shumei members today took its final form in 1947 a few years before Mokichi Okada’s passing.

Jyorei’s blessings are not solely reserved for members of Shumei or any particular group. They are intended to help all humanity achieve happiness and well being. And Jyorei is always given freely and without obligation by Shumei members to whomever seek its many benefits.

However, only about half our group wanted to experience it.  The rest went outside.  Those of us who stayed behind sat down and were instructed to close our eyes while a Jyorei practitioner stood in front of us, arms extended and palms toward us.

Because the Light of Jyorei is weightless, it can help us to feel lighthearted; because it is transparent, it can help us to see things clearly; and because it is bright, it can help us to find our way through darkness. Divine Light is everywhere, even though most of us cannot sense it because it is invisible and intangible. This Light exists within us as well, yet we usually do not notice it because of our ignorance and attachments. When Jyorei is shared, the practitioner is able to access and focus this energy for the benefit of others.

About two minutes in my stomach gurgled loudly for a few seconds.  Something definitely cleared within my body and my psyche. The entire session lasted about 5 minutes.  Through receiving the blessings of Jyorei, our spiritual clouds—the root cause of all suffering—are dispelled. Jyorei is for those individuals who want to speed up their quest for greater health and happiness.  I didn’t feel anything immediate but during the week, I know I was seeing my life differently, things were clearer and I felt peaceful.  A shift had occurred. I feel more grounded, more loving and understanding.  Is this perhaps the wisdom the center is sharing in order for all of us to get along better?

Meishusama (their leader) recommends giving of oneself in loving service to others, engaging in the practice of Jyorei, striving to improve one’s character, cultivating an appreciation of beauty, and adopting a healthy, natural diet. These are the most effective ways for us to actively promote positive purification and profound healing. The rest is left up to God.

I had traveled to Crestone to learn more about Natural Agriculture and came away with another method of sharing divine light and a deeper understanding of how to stay in harmony with each other and nature. 

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