Thursday, June 16, 2011

Suffering From Mucus Overload?

I attended a seminar a few weeks ago and managed to get sick!  Was I ever bummed.  The worst part was how much mucus was collecting in my chest and nasal passages. I was having a hard time figuring out if I had allergies or a cold.  Nonetheless, a girlfriend suggested I try Enzyme Therapy.   First thing in the morning, I took 5 enzyme capsules on an empty stomach and did it a couple more times during the day, also on an empty stomach.  Lo and behold, my symptoms cleared up within 24 hours and I was able to breathe normal again.

I have always only used enzymes as part of my eating routine but come to find out, they offer a whole lot more and are an important first step in restoring health and well-being by remedying digestive problems.

An enzyme is a macromolecule that speeds up processes in the body and treats deficiencies and other medical conditions in the body. Enzymes help to digest food, break down toxins, cleanse the blood, strengthen the immune system, build protein into muscle, contract muscles, eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs and reduce stress on the pancreas and other vital organs.

A healthy digestive system produces a variety of enzymes which fall into three broad categories:
•    Proteases to break down proteins
•    Amylases to break down carbs (simple and complex)
•    Llipases to metabolize fat

 The composition of food should fall into these three same categories; proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Digestion first starts with salivary excretions (amylase) and chewing, then food in the stomach is broken down further with hydrochloric stomach acid, proteins are digested and minerals absorbed.  As food travels through the small intestines it is broken down further into smaller and more elemental components; sugar and amino acid molecules.  From this remarkable biological process, our body’s extract, energy and nutrients.

A malfunctioning digestive system can seriously degrade quality of life, make us irritable, uncomfortable, cause occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, heartburn, cloudy thinking and negatively affect the immune system.

How can you support your digestive system?  Healthier eating!  Less fast food, junk food, and high calorie, wheat laden meals; more fresh food and high quality proteins. Many raw foods are rich with enzymes such as papaya, pineapple, grapes, figs, olive oil, raw honey, avocados and bananas.  Fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, red wine, and yogurt are enzyme-rich as well. 

Supplementing your diet with ZymaZorb™ Digestive Enzymes before each meal will positively affect your digestive system. It’s packed with plant-based enzymes.*

Quit Blaming the Dog!

Flatulence is a natural bodily process. Gas that is created by bacteria in the digestive tract is expelled. Moderate flatulence can be embarrassing, but excessive flatulence is a signal that something may be imbalanced in the digestive process.

The stomach is critical for the digestion of protein. If protein is not fully digested here, the small intestine can try and finish the job but it may not have enough protein enzymes to complete digestion. This can send large, poorly digested protein molecules into the large intestine, which is not equipped to digest them, possibly leading to the production of foul smelling gas or excessive flatulence.

Digestive enzymes support efficient breakdown of nutrients as they pass through the digestive system. Efficient digestion can help naturally alleviate excessive flatulence.
ZymaZorb™ Digestive Enzymes formula contains 18 vegetarian digestive enzymes. Five of these enzymes support thorough protein digestion in the stomach:*
Protease 3.0
Protease 4.5
Protease 6.0

ZymaZorb also contains 10 enzymes that target all other food groups digested in the stomach:*
•    Carbohydrates
•    Simple sugars
•    Milk and dairy
•    Fruits and vegetables
•    Bread, cereals, and grains
•    Butter, oil and other fats
•    Sweets

Finally, ZymaZorb features three specific, enteric coated enzymes that survive stomach acid to support further breakdown and nutrient absorption in the small intestine. This area is critical to the digestive process and in moving food through the body in a timely manner.*

Take 1 capsule of ZymaZorb with meals to promote efficient digestion, reduce acid digestion, and help cut down on flatulence. ZymaZorb is all-natural, and 100% vegetarian.*

If your diet isn’t the best and you’re clearing your throat too often, you might want to consider a little Enzyme Therapy.

*These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll check into the enzyme capsules, hopefully this will clear my sinuses.

  2. Thanks for visiting and share your experience with us on trying enzyme therapy, if you want. Sharron