Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spiritual Sunbathing

by Emmett Fox

In many cases the best form of prayer is just to think about God and his presence with you.  This quiet contemplation of God is simply to enjoy the presence without attempting, so to speak, to do anything with it.

Particulary, if you are emotionally disturbed about something, or when you are worried about a number of different problems, this gentle but persistent preoccupation  with the Great Creative Mind will restore your inner peace and open the way to victory.

We need to learn to relax spiritually as well as physically.  We easily forget that it is the power of God or a higher power that solves our problems and not our own efforts in the making of our prayers.  Sunbathing offers an excellent analogy here.

In sunbathing, you expose the skin to the solar rays and then you relax and leave it to the sun to do the rest.  You would never think of trying to rub the sunbeams into your skin, nor would you strain upward in an endeavor to get nearer to the sun for instance.  You relax quietly and have perfect faith that the sun will do its work.

In meditating on the Presence of God or a higher power, the same quiet, relaxed, confident attitude will bring the same inevitable result.

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