Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Instantly Raise Your Vibration!

A powerful way to raise your vibration instantly is through B L E S S I N G! :D
When you bless people you give to them from your heart, sending out positive loving wishes and warm hearty energies that uplift and beckon always the most beautiful becoming.
"Bless people unconditionally from the depths of your heart.
Wish them well sincerely with a lighted spark!"

~Aine Belton .
Doing so is a great gift to others, and to yourself also!

You can't not receive what travels through you in that sense, and your own energy field and vibration will be raised and enhanced, boosting your personal positive attractor-factor!
In blessing others, your become a receptor and benefactor of your blessings too!
Discover "The Gentle Art of Blessing" at the video at the webpage below:

What's important is the heart-felt intention when blessing. To be meaningful and have substance, It has to be sincere (as with giving). So, getting into a more loving, centered and harmonious state first can help.

The video will in itself help with that :)
Go to the link below for"The Gentle Art of Blessing"
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