Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Since I will be participating in another cleanse in a few days and I am getting many people asking about the Master Cleanse. Below is an article I wrote that gives you more information about feeling good about not eating anything solid for ten days.

Are you ready to feel good? 

I mean really feel good? 

All day long and every day?

When you wake up in the morning full of ideas and look forward to putting these ideas into place?

Or do you wake up and dread the day ahead? 

Just moving around the bed creates more aches and pains?

I am sure you have heard it all by now.  You’ve been told you need to exercise more, eat better, get more rest, drink more fluids (not soft drinks or alcohol) etc.  It all seems so hard to get motivated doesn’t it? 

Have you ever thought about doing a Master Cleanse to unload toxins from your body?

Have you even heard of such a thing?

And just what is this Master Cleanse that is also referred to as The Lemonade Diet?

Stanley Burroughs, a natural healer, introduced this lifestyle change over 40 years ago.  He recommends drinking a lemonade mixture which consists of organic grade A maple syrup(dark color robust taste), lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper and spring or purified water for no less than 10 days. 

Sound too drastic?  I thought so too at first, but I was pleasantly surprised how good I started to feel about 2 days in.  My energy actually soared and I slept like a baby for the first time in months.  For me, the first couple of days were the hardest.  Just getting past the mind set of  “I’m not eating any food!”   Believe me, missing a meal isn’t going to hurt you.  Since the days of Jesus Christ, people have abstained from food for many reasons such as health, political ends, and even spiritual enlightenment.

Get ALL the data on the Master Cleanse!

First of all, I highly recommend you visit Peter Glickman’s website,  and order these two books, “The Master Cleanser”  by Stanley Burroughs and “Lose  Weight, Have More Energy, Be Happier in 10 Days” by Peter Glickman.   These books are essential in understanding what you’re getting into.  Peter Glickman also offers a bulletin board on his web site that you can join to help you through this process.

Weight loss, memory sharpening and high energy levels will surprise you.   It isn’t as arduous as you might think. I am talking from experience here folks because I’ve tackled this cleanse six times now.  And believe it or not, it is actually getting easier. The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of not eating for the ten days.   Below is a quick review of what to expect so that you can sail through this experience easily.

Have Plenty to do
Read or make plans during this time.  It isn’t much fun sitting around waiting for something to happen.  Admittedly, your stomach will  grumble at you.  So keep busy!  Not just watching TV either.  If it is a nice day, go outside, talk a walk.  Plan an event you have been wanting to do.  Plan a day for yourself or spend quality time with your family.

Have Enough Ingredients Available
Buy everything you need ahead of time.  Both books mention this and it is important.  Unless you like going to the store lot.  Of course, it does give you something to do.  And importantly, if you can’t be home to have fresh juice, make enough ahead of time.  Then when your stomach starts to grumble at you, start downing some of the brew you have already made.  Immediately, the grumbling stops and you can keep going.  My goal is to have a drink every hour.  That way, my stomach didn’t talk to me so much in the beginning.

Don’t Change Your Activities
There isn’t any need to curtail any activity that you would normally do, but don’t over do it either.  You are a fully functional person and perfectly capable of doing anything you want.  Within reason of course,  You still need wings to fly. 

For me, the cleanse eliminated many skin disorders as well as a fungal issue I’ve had for over 15 years in just one foot.  My eating habits also changed.  If I digress to eating too many chips or too much alcohol, I feel it the very next day.  My body rebels almost instantly any more.  I have to pay attention! This is a major lifestyle change worth checking out.

So, are you ready to feel good?

Join me and many others as we cleanse our bodies with the Master Cleanse!

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