Friday, January 28, 2011

Let This Be A Year of Freedom For You

                Freedom is being unlimited.

                Freedom is releasing your attachment to the past.

                Freedom is moving effortlessly through the realities of life without getting caught
                    and tangled in traps along the way.

                Freedom is being open and receptive to the immeasurable presence of the Divine.

                Freedom is being a silent observer of the good and bad, realizing that perfection is there.

                Freedom is being without fear, without restraint.

                Freedom is boundless love and compassion for all.

                Freedom is flowing with the river of bliss.

                Freedom is when our minds are free of old content.

                 Freedom is being here and now without thought of attainment.

                 Freedom is knowing the meaning of life.

                 Freedom is loving and serving unconditionally.

                 Freedom is just being who and what we truly are.

              Excerpt from "Life on the Cutting Edge" by Sal Rachele
                                   * teacher, healer, mystic and priest and 2012 educator
                                   * psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant reader
                                   * author, musician and recording artist
                                   * conscious channel for ETs, angels,
                                    ascended masters &
Sananda Mystery

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