Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 6 of the Master Cleanse

This has been my best day yet!  I woke up early, full of energy and as I write this at 2pm, I am still feeling great. 

Been expelling a lot and drinking the liquid brew about every hour.  It is the only way to curb my grumbling stomach.  Haven't had any wild inspirations the last couple of days,  but I am sleeping all night and that isn't any easy one for me.  Never has been.  This is about the time when smells are totally enhanced.  My partner loves to cook and I love to watch him prepare his food and breathe in the luscious aromas.

The best part?  I have lost 7 pounds!  My pants are fitting much better, actually loose and I have 4 1/2 days to go.

If you are interested in the Master Cleanse, I suggest you educate yourself first by reading Peter Glickman's  world selling book, Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Be Happier in 10 days.
Peter has followed Stanley Burroughs methods, but have updated some of the information.  Stanley Burroughs' book is still available as well.  Actually, it is a good idea to read both if you can.  The Raw food site has both available. 

Download ALL the data on the Master Cleanse NOW!

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