Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 10 of the Master Cleanse

I am a little slow in getting this post out. I finished my 10th day of the Master Cleanse last Friday and boy was I glad! It was a good experience but when my partner starts cooking and he is a good cook, it is next to impossible to not just start eating again. But, I was good.

The payoff is so worth it. I lost 7 pounds, the bloatedness I was experiencing earlier disappeared. I have more energy, I am sleeping better and my digestive track moves easier. What a perfect way to start 2011.  On Day 11,  I drank broth and other juices and on Day 12, I treated myself to a scrumptious soup and salad bar. 

How about you? Are you experiencing low energy or no energy to get through the day? Not happy about that extra weight gain from the holidays? You might want to consider this safe, inexpensive and fast way to better health. 

Peter Glickman, creator of  The Raw Food site, has this to say about the Master Cleanse,
"My purpose is to educate you on low- and no-cost ways to achieve and maintain vibrant good health. Because everyone's body is different, you must learn what will work for you. Like anything else, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself."

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