Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lure of the Great Outdoors

I recently attended a Ski Channel Film, "The Story", a tale of those who devote their lives to the mountains. This event was hosted through Adams State College Mixed Snow Sports Club and sponsored by Kristi Mountain Sports.  I was awed and inspired by the talent and bravery these men and women have achieved.  They attempted climbs and falls that I would never, ever, even think about.  But, I love watching it!

Near the end of the film, another woman, Lynsey Dyer, a professional skier also caught my attention.  Lynsey's drive and passion for the outdoors is apparent in everything she does with her life.  Including being the co-founder of Shejumps.com 

Their mission is to create a supportive community of females of all backgrounds and ages, inspiring them to reach their highest potential through increasing participation in outdoor activities.

SHEJUMPS exists for three tiers of women with the intention of empowering the whole.
  • Those are: 1) Elite female athletes looking for a network 2.) Already actives looking for a community 3.) And never-evers, girls and women who would otherwise never have the chance to experience the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle.
  • For elite level female athletes, we are a voice and a place to give back. We work to recognize the "jumps" (i.e. risks) women are taking to follow their passions and the accomplishments of those who are an inspiration to others. We also offer a network for girls and women looking to get into the sports industry with intentions of elevating females in sport and mainstream media. With the goal of offering young girls real role models, these athletes are often times called upon to be “coaches” in events that support the development of all women involved.
  • For already active women, we have groups all over the country getting together for everything from day ski tours to overnight canyoneering adventures. We welcome you to develop your own group and post your outings on our "Jump In!" page. From this group, we will ask for volunteers for events and activities that support our mission of  increasing the participation of women in the outdoors.
  • For never-evers, we create activities and events that directly help those who might never otherwise have the chance to experience the benefits of challenging oneself in the outdoors.

Throughout this website are many inspiring tales about women loving the great outdoors, including a heartbreaking story about women not being allowed to participate in the 2010 Olympics Ski Jumping . This is listed under videos, titled, "Female Ski Jumpers Frozen out of Olympics"

SheJumps highlights women that are taking a "jump" to live their dreams. Do you have an inspiring story?  If you would like to add your story or join this group of progressive outdoor women, please check out, Shejumps.com.  

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