Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How I Improved My Complexion With a Common Food Product

  Did you know that organic coconut oil is a wonderful source to use topically for healing damaged skin, eliminate blemishes as 
well as clear up fungal conditions?    David Wolfe, author and leading authority on raw-food nutrition, advises to not put anything 
on your skin that you wouldn't eat.  According to Wolfe, pregnenolone is a major factor that gives coconut oil its beautifying qualities. 
 Pregnenolone improves circulation in the skin, gives the face a lift, restores sagging skin and reduces bags under the eyes.  But there 
is more to coconuts than skin deep, they also can save your life.  Here is an excerpt from Wolfe's book, "Eating For Beauty."

"No matter where you are, what you have done, how much you have mistreated your body, fresh young coconuts and coconut oil 
can save your life.  Young coconut water is identical to human blood plasma, making it the universal donor.   Plasma makes up 55% 
of human blood.  The remaining 45% of our blood consists of memoglobin--which is essentially transformed plant blood (chlorophyll). 
When we consume a drink consisting of 55% fresh coconut water and 45% fresh green leaf juice we give ourselves an instant blood 
transfusion."  He goes on to say that because of the (positive) fat characteristics of coconut oil anyone suffering from poor digestion, 
liver or gall bladder trouble as well as candida would benefit greatly by incorporating it into their daily diet. And that's not all, coconut 
contains no cholesterol and actually helps lower cholesterol levels.   Sounds good to me!

* My note about the coconut oil - I am one of these people that always seem to break out with moisturizers and have been reluctant 
to use much of anything on my face.  But living in a dry climate isn't always good to my skin so I keep trying different products. I 
have been using the coconut oil on my face for over 4 years now and have been amazed at the results. My face is softer, blemish 
free and no longer flaky right out of the shower.

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