Saturday, October 9, 2010

Foods for a Healthy Prostate

By: Parkin Brescia
Healthy prostate is must to live a healthy life. The scariest condition of the prostrate is the prostate cancer, which can be fatal if not treated at the initial stage. The proper functioning of the prostate is must for the health of the individual. The function of the prostate is to secret the fluids and controls the flow of the fluids. The liquid secreted by the prostate is slightly alkaline in nature and constitutes 20% of the volume of semen in the ejaculatory fluid of men. Your prostate health depends on what you eat. Here are some foods that help to keep the prostate healthy.

The intake of the soybean is very beneficial for the prostate health. The nutrients present in the soybean are noted to improve the health of prostate. Intake of the food items like burgers and cheese of soy and other soy products is recommended in order to improve the prostate healthy. You may also eat soy genistein which has got anti-cancerous property that helps in the prevention of the prostate cancer. Soybean is the protein rich compound that provides all the necessary nutrition to the prostate that helps in its proper development and also develops it immune system that keeps it safe from any abnormalities.

Eat fruits for health prostate. Specifically those fruits that are rich in the Vitamin C like oranges, pomegranate, and pineapple maintain the prostate health. They regulate the proper growth of the cells in the prostate and even do the maintenance if anything goes wrong in the prostate. Even the natural sugars present in these fruits provide the protection to the prostate. The immunity of the prostate is being amplified by eating the fruits. The problem of the enlarged prostate can be prevented by eating fruits daily.

Veggies have the healthy prostate. Eating the diet that includes lots of vegetables is a very easy way to improve the health of the prostate. They contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins that help the prostate to function properly and retain its health at the best. The green vegetables like spinach are noted to be providing the necessary nutrition to the prostate and maintaining its health status. Intake of the tomatoes provides the required amount of the lycopene as it is the anarchist against the prostate cancer.

Water is the super food for the prostate healthy. Adequate amount of the water intake is must in order to protect prostate from the health abnormalities. Water helps the prostate to perform all it functions properly. Water also helps in the development of the protective sheath along with the sugar around the prostate. Water intake regulates the cell growth in the prostate and doesn’t allow any extra cellular growth in and around the prostate, thus preventing the prostate cancer. Water also works as a cure in the treatment of the benign prostate hyperplasia.

Eat milk and dairy products in order to improve the prostate health. These food products are instructed by the doctor to the patients of the prostate problems as they help to repair the damaged prostate functioning. It prevents the occurrence of the Prostatitis in the men. Also the chances of suffering with the benign prostatic hyperplasia are being reduced due to the intake of the milk and milk products.

These are the foods that you need to include in your daily diet in order to have a healthy prostate.

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