Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Study On Compassion

We've all heard about, yet do we truly know what it means to have compassion for some one else? Working as a Hospice volunteer providing Jin Shin Jyutsu for 5 years, I thought I did. My belief was based on empathy not sympathy.

However, Geshe Kelstay Gyatso, an internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism and author of 19 highly acclaimed books shares this highly enlightened and refreshing perspective.

Compassion- A virtuous mind that wishes others to be free from suffering.

Not sure how virtuous I am, but I always want the best for my family and friends. Don't you? This statement pulls at the very heart strings of our culture, any culture for that matter, to remind us to love.

This is such a simple message and yet, humans tend to make everything so complicated. And that seems to be just about everything!

Many people are living in turmoil these days as our planet speeds toward the center of the Milky Way.

Isn't it time to step up to the plate?

By helping each other, acting accordingly, keeping our hearts open and remaining in the moment.

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