Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Song of the Healing Crystal Bowls

Have you ever experienced a state of bliss?

How about a time when life just seemed a little different, perhaps lighter?

Last summer I had an opportunity to experience Jay Schwed performing his crystal bowls ceremony. At the time, I was enduring a rather difficult job and didn't know if I could deal with the dysfunction that was surfacing. I asked him to come to our establishment and play on the grounds.

After the presentation, for at least 2 months, life at this job was calm and peaceful. It was truly magical. Even people who had not attended the ceremony, noticed a difference.

Please read The Song of the Healing Crystal Bowls and how healing through sound can change lives.

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  1. Hi Sharron,

    I believe music can change the vibration of the space you are breathing and living in.

    I am interested in the Zen clocks sold in Boulder Colorado. I know you have visited Boulder and this is a rather new store and I hope you check it out.

    Your life long friend,