Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Do You Think of the Raw Food Movement?

I have been following different sources for a few years now and think I am beginning to understand the concept of this lifestyle change. However, it is tough to just eat raw foods all the time. How do these people do it? Do you think they cheat? I for one, love to munch on breads. I admit it. It is a weakness. I would rather have a slice of warm bread over chocolate any day.

I am getting better about incorporating at least one green drink or smoothie into my daily regime and I have noticed a difference in my energy level. So much so, that I am not enjoying eating breakfast out anymore. The three egg omelet leaves me too full and no energy. On the other hand, when I stick to my morning routine of fruit smoothies or a green drink, my energy level is very high and stable for many hours.

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  1. Raw food is the way to go. Did you know there is a Raw Food Community?