Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would You Like To Connect With Your Angels?

Are there issues in your life that seem beyond comprehension? The same events seem to keep happening over and over? Did you realize that everyone has angels and they are just waiting in the wings, (pun intended) to help you with every problem, concern or whatever you may be experiencing that isn't going very well?

All you have to do is ask your angels for help, then let it go and let the angels take care of it. However, you do need to stay in the present moment and don't worry! I just had a wonderful experience after asking my angels for some cash flow. Two days later I received a check from my last job which I was not expecting!

Linda West, from Pinetop, AZ calls herself, The Angel Lady. She is now hosting a new program called "Empowered Life" on the 7th Wave Voice America Talk Radio Network. In her hour, she shares with you how to get in touch with your angels, plus much more.

"Angels 101- How to work With the Angels in Your Life, explains how each one of us whether we know it or not, have Guardian Angels that have been with us since birth. Communicating with our angels is a simple and easy process and can completely change our lives.

"Open Your Psychic Ability With the Angels", is in two parts. Every one of us has an intuitive ability; our own personal psychic power. This is God’s gift to us. However, we don’t always realize this gift. In this show Linda will teach you to open your mind, heart and Spirit to the Divine presence within you.

Listen to Linda every Thursday, 11am MST on 7th Wave, Voice America Talk Radio Network.

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